In this episode of the Tank Magazine podcast, Jan-Peter Westad talks with the writer Charlie Fox. His debut book This Young Monster was published by Fitzcarraldo Editions this year and has been praised by the likes of John Waters and Chris Kraus. From Stranger Things and David Lynch to Leigh Bowery and Arthur Rimbaud, the essay collection takes a piercing and playful look at all things monstrous, celebrating artists who find beauty within the dark and the disturbing.

October 20, 2017

Liberalism and Ignorance

This episode is a recording of Liberalism and Ignorance, a talk hosted in collaboration with the MIT Press, between the academic Daniel DeNicola and the journalist Edmund Fawcett.

DeNicola is the chair of philosophy at Gettysburg College and the author of Understanding Ignorance: The Surprising Impact of What We Don't Know, published by MIT Press. Edmund Fawcett is a former correspondent for The Economist and the author of Liberalism, the Life of an Idea.

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In this episode, Justin E.H. Smith reads his essay Party animal: an education in individual expression and the importance of solidarity. Smith is professor of history and philosophy of science at the University of Paris – Denis Diderot. He is also the author of The Philosopher: A History in Six Types and Nature, Human Nature, and Human Difference: Race in Early Modern Philosophy. The text version of this piece is published in the Tank Party issue.