In this episode of the Tank Magazine podcast, Adam Bychawski talks with two of the leading writers engaged on the UK’s serious housing issues, Anna Minton and John Boughton. A writer, journalist and reader of architecture at the University of East London, Anna Minton’s most recent book, Big Capital: Who Is London For? (2017) is a piercing survey of the housing shortage in London and looks at how our homes became financial assets. John Boughton’s first book Municipal Dreams (2018) provides a deeply compelling narrative history of Britain’s council housing from the 19th century through to the Grenfell Tower fire. Topics touched on include the origins of council housing and it’s erosion since the 1980s, alongside more optimistic non-market solutions that could prove key to building a more secure future. ◉

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In this episode of the TANK magazine podcast, listeners will hear Madeline Miller reading from her new novel Circe and answering some questions about the book. Miller’s first novel The Songs of Achilles, won the 2012 Orange Prize, and Circe offers another vivid and fresh take on Greek mythology, this time centred on the powerful sorceress most often remembered for turning men into pigs in Homer’s Odyssey. Miller tells us what drew her to this character, whom she calls the “first witch of Western literature”, and explains how Greek myth, especially in its feminist retellings, still has much to show us about our world today.